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A vision may have started RKM, but our team built it

RKM was founded in 2011 as a single doctor practice working exclusively on equine athletes. Now we are expanded into a multi-doctor practice offering a wide range of services. But one thing that has reigned true from the beginning is that we thrive to be different.

To be better… Because ‘better’ is what our community deserves. 

what drives us

At Rocking KM, our practice is deeply rooted in the heart of Kansas, serving as a multi-doctor practice and emergency service catering to the needs of both small and large animals. From routine check-ups to specialized services, we offer a comprehensive range of veterinary care. But beyond our services, what truly sets us apart is the empathy and compassion we extend to every client – treating each interaction not just as a medical appointment, but as a genuine connection of a friend and neighbor that is here to help. 

We too, are dog lovers and understand your bond. We too, are producing the finest beef in the US and understand that sometimes decisions are economically based. We too, are equine competitors and understand the fiery passion of a win. There is truly no better feeling than seeing our clients, or rather, neighbors, succeed. Success may look different to each of our clients, but we are here to be with you on your journey. We are here to champion you and help navigate issues along the road to your success. Success for you is success for us.

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Dr. Kathryn Miller earned her veterinary degree from Kansas State in 2010. Currently residing in Cottonwood Falls with her husband and their daughter, Dr. Miller is an active competitor in the National Reining Horse Association and strongly feels that this helps her understand her Equine Performance clients. Her passion for equines extends to equine sports medicine, sports medicine rehabilitation, and equine emergency care.

Dr. Kathryn Miller, DVM

Dr. Miller

Dr. Audra Blasi grew up in Wichita, KS, working on her family’s wheat farm every summer. She earned her veterinary degree from Oklahoma State in 2014. Upon graduation, she practiced Veterinary Medicine in the southwest for a few years before deciding to pack up her husband, four dogs, and cat to move back to her home state, KANSAS! Dr. Blasi loves mixed animal practice, and you will find her anywhere from the surgery suite to the chute.

Dr. Audra Blasi, DVM

Dr. Blasi

Justina Davis is from Chase County, Kansas. She joined the RKM team back in 2018 as an assistant and kennel tech before graduating with her veterinary degree from Kansas State University in 2024. Justina now lives in Council Grove with her fiancé, Tyler, to continue her journey with RKM. She enjoys peanut M&Ms, strong black coffee, and long walks/runs through the Flint Hills with her two pups, Taz and Moose.

Dr. Justina Davis, DVM

Dr. Davis

Dr. Monna Metzger graduated from Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1987. She practiced in three different states in her first 12 years as a DVM before returning home to Council Grove (hooray!) in 1998. Dr. Metzger enjoys working with small animals and loves living in a small town with all that it entails.

Dr. Monna Metzger, DVM

Dr. Metzger

Dr. Dave grew up on a ranch in southwest Kansas. After graduating from KSU College of Veterinary Medicine in 1978, he practiced in Nebraska for 35 years before returning to Kansas in 2013 (hooray!). Following a stint with the Beef Cattle Institute at KSU, he returned to private practice and joined RKM in 2019. His primary interest is beef cattle production medicine but can, at times, be found in the small animal exam room or examining a horse. He and his wife, Starla, have three children and seven grandchildren.

Dr. David Rethorst, DVM

Dr. Rethorst

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Emma Klumpe
Office Manager

Heather Patry
Veterinary Assistant

Stacy Davis
Practice Manager

Kara Horton
Customer Service Rep

Reagan Dailey
Veterinary Assistant

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